Rev. Barbara Ann Priestner, LCSWR, CSD


Location: 23 Feagles Road, Warwick, NY, United States
Phone: (845)545-0186
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    My greatest joy and deepest privilege has been to accompany those on their spiritual journey, asking the deepest questions, and exploring what it means to live a spiritual life

    Rev. Barbara has been providing spiritual direction/companioning for over 10 years with those from all traditions as well as no tradition at all, holds a certification in Spiritual Direction, is a member of Spiritual Directors International, and was ordained as an Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister through One Spirit in 2015.  Barbara has been a student of all traditions throughout her life, and loves exploring the deep wisdom teachings found in all authentic traditions, through spiritual inquiry, dialogue, spiritual practice, and experience – with individuals, small groups, classes, workshops and retreats.
    Barbara is also a licensed clinical social worker in private practice, synthesizing the most recent information from the fields of Psychology, Neuroscience, Mind/Body Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Spirituality for the purpose of assisting individuals in their understanding of the powerful way the mind can influence physical, emotional, psychological, and behavioral health and wellness.  She holds advanced certifications in Energy Medicine and Integrative Mental Health.  You can learn more through
    Barbara is available for counseling, spiritual direction/companioning with individuals and groups (in person or via Skype or phone), weddings, funerals, baby blessings, workshops and retreats.

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