Rev. Chana B. (Chani) Getter


Location: 370 West Pleasantview Avenue, Hackensack, NJ, USA
Phone: 201-477-0274
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     Chani is passionate about Personal Choice. She is an ordained One Spirit Interfaith Minister who was raised in an ultra-orthodox Hassidic Jewish home. At the age of 23 she left an arranged marriage and as a single mother began a journey of self-discovery. Today, she is a spiritual leader, teacher, coach and counselor, who combines personal development, spiritual learning, and age-old wisdom to create courses and ceremonies that are welcoming and meaningful to all people. She blends the discoveries of her personal growth alongside the ancient teachings from the Jewish tradition that were such a meaningful part of her youth. 


    Chani provides coaching and counseling services to individuals and couples going through transitions in their own life. These include changing jobs / careers ,  divorce, merging families, moving, marriage etc. She is uniquely qualified to provide support services for Footsteps members who are leaving ultra-orthodoxy. As part of her job she trains staff at various organizations working with Footsteps members. As an open gay parent she facilitates Ma’agalKeshet’s monthly support group for LGBTQIA woman in  NYC.

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