Rev. D. Marie Franco

Rev D Marie Franco 2017

Location: Carefree, Arizona
Phone: (480)455-9850
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    I am an ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister serving the needs of widowed people of many faiths as well as those who identify as spiritual but not religious. Through loving spirit, I help both men and women on their spiritual journey from loss to healing and living life again.

    The death of a spouse/partner is a heart wrenching experience that all married/partnered couples must face eventually. Coping with the normal feelings of grief experienced at the death of a spouse/partner are often isolating. The struggles with: loss of faith, confusion, loneliness, loss of identity, and social isolation are all common experiences after loss.
    I understand these feelings and struggles with true understanding and compassion. I have personally walked the path of widowhood and know from experience how difficult it can be to do it alone.
    I have met and spoken with many widowed people, each story and experience as unique as the person. Please contact me for a conversation on how I can be of service to you in your new chapter of life.

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