Rev. Darby Mackenzie Line, MA, LMT

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Location: Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
Phone: 954-826-9279
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    Presence—simple and complete—is perhaps the most sacred gift we
    can give each other. Through deep listening with an open heart, we can provide
    another person with a safe space for exploration, discovery, and healing.

    I offer you this gift by crafting deeply
    personalized ceremonies to illuminate your milestone moments, and in
    gentle, aromatic healing work that honors the Divine within. Whether in a quiet healing session or in the process of creating and officiating a sacred ceremony that honors your traditions, heritage and spirituality, I
    am honored to offer you my full, heartfelt presence as we share a mile or two of your life’s journey. 

    As the daughter of an Episcopal priest who stood up courageously for equality and interfaith understanding back in the 1960s, I grew up with a living example of the interfaith/interspiritual way of being. Following in my father’s footsteps, my ministry welcomes and embraces people of all faiths and no faith, all nationalities and races, all sexual orientations, spiritual seekers, questioners, doubters—anyone who yearns for the experience of the Divine in any of its many forms. 

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