Rev. Gordon Brode


Location: New York, NY, United States
Phone: 212-931-6840
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    I would be delighted to help you design a ceremony for your special day. My vision is always to design a ceremony that is uniquely your own, and to provide an experience that is as meaningful to your guests as it is to you. Together, we can create a special event that harnesses the energy of all those present and channels it powerfully forward in service to our shared purpose.
    Interspirituality is the emerging worldview that at the origination of each of the world’s great religious and wisdom traditions was a common spark. That spark of inspiration was in every case intended to relieve human suffering and light the fire of our collective spiritual evolution. This has been made manifest in different cultures and at different times through the world’s religions and the rich tapestry of spiritual practices and technologies. And while religious institutions may sometimes miss the mark , their authentic mystic teachings continue to illuminate a path to walk humanity to our shared spiritual home.
    While I am comfortable meeting anyone from any faith tradition and helping to make meaning through ritual, my calling seems to be helping the “spiritual but not religious” find meaning in their life, and identify an individual experience of their spirit, source, or energy that is non-dogmatic, post-scientific and appropriate for 21st Century Life. This includes the creation of rich and meaningful ritual.
    Too often, as we have entered the ages of science, information and entertainment, and sometimes in response to institutionalized religion, we have eschewed our spiritual ancestry and ancient mysticism. I believe there is room for both fact and mystery, for science and spirit to coexist in a mutually beneficial harmony for the wellbeing of all humanity. In my experience, ritual has a real power to honor and celebrate our fragile existence, to transform ourselves and each other, to align our attentions, and ultimately to channel energy in service of purpose.
    The attached photos are from a wedding I performed in June, just outside of St. Tropez, Provence, in the south of France. It was a beautiful, meaningful event that left a mark not just on the bride and groom, but had their families and friends discussing life and meaning with each other after the ceremony!
    If you have any questions, I would be happy to speak further with you. I hope to have the opportunity to companion you through your special rite of passage.

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