Rev. James Anthony Walker

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Location: 2880 East Valley Road, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Phone: (630) 992-5636
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    Rev. James and his life partner Rev. Constance McClain were both ordained in 2017, and are the co-founders of Oasis of the Heart, an inclusive, InterFaith/InterSpiritual community without walls.

    Their ministry draws its spiritual nourishment from the core tenets of many of the world’s great wisdom paths, and in doing so, seeks to promote a deeper understanding of the beliefs we all share in common.

    Both are acknowledged spiritual educators who believe that spirituality is a critical dimension of our health.

    Rev. James is a composer whose music has hundreds of thousands of lives globally. As a dedicated caregiver, he believes that caring is one of the highest expressions of loving.

    He is available for spiritual counseling, educational workshops and events, and as an officiant in support of a wide variety of life’s milestones.

    His hope is that he will have the opportunity to come to know you as the incredibly unique, creative expression of Spirit that you are.

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