Rev. Joshua Ellis


Location: New York, NY, United States
Phone: 212-307-1440
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    “Rev. Joshua is amazing! Probably the best decision we made for our wedding! We would recommend Rev. Joshua a million times over!”  — Theresa Prohaska and Michael Paniccia

    “From the moment we asked Rev. Joshua to officiate our wedding, we were in GREAT hands!”  — Daniel Sherman and Richard Skipper

    “Being married by Rev. Joshua made getting married even better. He was flexible and fun…the whole ceremony was beautiful and unforgettable. Thank you, Joshua!”  — David Zippel and Michael Johnston

    “The words of Rev. Ellis brought a voice of love, sincerity, humor, grace and beauty to the ceremony of our union making it an even more memorable occasion.”  — Jane A. Johnston and Jack Shearing

    “He will forever be in our hearts as the guy who sealed the deal for our wedding day in Central Park. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Joshua!”  — Laura Lee Juiliano and David Henson

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