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Location: 6 East 5th Street, Covington, KY 41011, United States
Phone: 859-905-0109
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Welcome! My house is a house of prayer for all people. Please be blessed and enter. 

My ministry
expression is a robust and joyful commitment to partake in the deep
unity of experience that is often called “prayer” but we
know it best as an interspiritual communication of blessing. Here I
am using the word prayer in the most comprehensive, broad, extensive,
and diverse meaning, because no one word is enough to describe the
concept completely.


Prayer is seen
interspiritually in many different expressions, across the wide
landscape of humanity, both ancient and modern, and I am called to
observe some of these prayerful expressions in my spiritual walk day
by day. Have you too felt an attraction or felt compelled to express
yourself prayerfully? Please do not feel alone. I will join you!


About my Personal
Prayer Life


I know praying is my
call because praying is my challenge. I have come to believe that I
must pray, and yet I must not always pray alone – though sometimes l do.


I have a Rule of
Prayer, and this means I have set times for prayers using traditional
texts, such as King David’s Psalms. I also make room for impromptu
praying for any personal reason that I can express with acclaim. A
precious hidden gem of beauty that holds sacred meaning for me are
times that I am practicing non-speaking, which is one type of many
unvoiced praying traditions.


About my Ministry as
Beatrice: Praying and Blessing


Therefore I have
developed a ministry of interspiritual communication.


If you are at the
beginning of coming to believe in a Higher Power, or are established
in a specific faith tradition or are spiritual but not religious, if
you are looking at the meditation aspect of prayer, or if the
rational discipline of quieting the mind through prayer seems like a
worthy psycho-social experience, please do feel invited to join me in
prayer. And if practicing non-speaking is something you wish to
explore, this too is a form of unvoiced prayer and I can help you find what this would look like in your life, as well.

If you have specific
prayer requests, or are anxious about something, or face health
challenges for yourself or a loved one, we can pray. 
Do you want to
bring forth your desire for change in the macro challenges our Earth
is facing across all borders: challenges of water, of clean air, of
peace among nations, of world leaders, and more?
Have you been asked
to prepare a written prayer for a specific reason? 
Would a Rule of
Prayer be of benefit?
Are you burdened by less-than-skillful words and actions, coming from yourself? Or are less-than-skillful words and actions being pushed upon you by others, at home or at work?
Or, are you bereft
of words, and need to communicate spiritually, in communion with me, as I lead us?

I make myself
available to assist in all these situations and for one-on-one and
small group gatherings for prayers of contemplation, healing,
intercession, and confession (by appointment by phone, video call, or

I am also
experienced in helping you select traditional texts to use as prayers
and blessings in public or private settings, or helping you compose
prayers and blessings for your own use, using compassionate inquiry
(questions.) Most of my prayer work is in English and Biblical
Hebrew. However, I am able to companion you if you want to use other
languages or other ways of knowing.



 My house is
a house of prayer for all people.  

Enter all who will, depart any who still seek.



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