Rev. Judy Wallace


Location: 6 East 5th Street, Covington, KY 41011, United States
Phone: 859-905-0109
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    Welcome!  “My house is a house of prayer for all people.  

    Enter all who will, depart in peace any who still seek”

    I am an interspiritual, interfaith ordained minister, and
    I am a continual student of traditional Hebrew teachings, both
    ancient and modern, as well as an explorer of all Theories of Knowledge (epistemology)


    I am also a Beatrice, empowered by my community to bestow blessings using the powers of gratitude, faith,
    and loving-kindness.


    My ministry expression is unfolding in the areas of social action (hunger abatement, youth at-risk, and addiction recovery), as well as in guiding thoughtful and wise conversations in Peace Practice Group, a digital and in-person community.  


    My written message is forming in a new annual who’s-who journal titled 50 Ministers in 50 States, and the inaugural edition is planned for Dec 2018. Contact me if you would like to represent your state in this journal if you are a non-traditional or entrepreneurial minister.


    With on-going mentorship, I am developing my long and wide understanding of interfaith and interspiritual end-of-life rituals and ceremonies. 

    Please look back soon for a description of my Funeral and Life-Celebration Ministry.



    About Peace Practice Group


    PPG: We are a diverse group, with a
    singular focus: to discover and reveal the beauty and truth of a mind
    informed by sense perception, reason, emotion, faith, imagination,
    intuition, memory, and language. Our tool is Wisdom: Hebrew Wisdom
    literature (both ancient and modern) and your own Inner Wisdom. 

    Click: More info here and sign up here


    *Members of PPG are eligible for free Pastoral Counseling 

    Digital and in-person membership

    me please by email or
    phone 859-905-0109 



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