Rev. Martha Doran, PhD


Location: Teton Lane, Ventura, CA, United States
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    “I let the joy wash over me;
    I let, I let it be.”

    from Ricki Byars Beckwith

    I am called in my ministry to serve God and Christ, as a way of being and living that is more
    important than the accomplishment of tasks…” unless the Lord build the house,
    they labor in vain that build it”. I feel my ministry is about listening,
    witnessing, praying, and being a joyful witness…glowing for God…. wherever I
    am.  I yearn to be a humble servant of
    the Most High, with whatever human steps I am taking – glad to just be part of
    a glorious process, an opportunity, a way to live Love, 24/7.

    One of the areas I feel called to serve is to help people heal their relationship
    with money. The healing process includes becoming aware of one’s relationship
    to money, of the society’s relationship to money, and more importantly,
    becoming aware of what we are each called to do, what we truly value –  and to then align this calling with how we
    use our resources of time and money. My experience has shown me that this work
    of finding our authenticity is what we each yearn for, even those who don’t yet
    know that finding who we have always been is the yearning we are each seeking
    to fill.

     The seeds of my calling first started to sprout at a spiritual retreat when
    I sat in stillness, listened and heard my mission statement, along with the name
    Soaring Hawk. I felt called to embrace “hawk medicine”, as my native brothers and sisters
    first understood from long ago. The following message is how I seek to see and serve (minister) on this amazing journey.

    My Mission Statement:

    To soar with joy and see with

    That witness and lead forth
    the inner splendor

    So, that all those with whom
    I dwell

    Can feel blessed and

    Awaken to our innate

                Soaring Hawk

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