Rev. Mercedes Ibarra

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Location: 541 North Commonwealth Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Phone: 323-350-0073
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    Hi, I’m Rev. Mercedes, a.k.a, Rev. Mercy. I primarily officiate ceremonies and rituals for all of life’s major celebrations such as weddings, funerals, baby and child blessings, rites of passage such as Quinceañeras, and much more. I love creating and performing ceremony and ritual. I believe it is important to mark major moments in your life and I believe everyone has the right to make it special and sacred, regardless of your religious preference (or non-religious preference).

    How did I end up at One Spirit? I am the daughter of Cuban immigrants who arrived to the Los Angeles area in the 1970s. I was raised Catholic, but as Luisah Teish says, I was surrounded by the “whispers” of the Afro-Cuban Lukumí tradition all my life. I went to UCLA and while I was there I was introduced to yoga and Hinduism. I then met an atheist Muslim who I eventually married. He introduced me to Buddhism, which led me to both my meditation practice and to volunteering in hospice. Finally, I decided that I could no longer choose one spiritual path and that I needed to know more about all of the major paths if were to truly be of service to the hospice patients I was visiting. I have always had an active dream life and I usually get answers to my questions while I’m sleeping. Through a series of dreams and conversations with a friend who happened to be an Interfaith minister, I found my way to One Spirit and the rest is history. I was ordained in 2016.
    On the day I arrived in New York for my ordination, an old friend wrote to me asking if I would officiate his wedding because he could not find an officiant who was bilingual, understood his Dominican culture, and understood his and his fiancé’s nature and yoga-based spirituality. I agreed to do it and fell in love with the entire process. I have been doing weddings ever since. I have also led some end-of-life celebrations, and some child blessings. I’ve loved doing every bit of them.
    A few more things to know about me:  I’m a professional Flamenco dancer and teacher. My husband Tarik truly is my best friend. I love cooking, baking, listening to podcasts, reading, and dog-sitting. I also believe that Love is Love and Black Lives Matter. My pronouns are she/her/hers.

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