Rev. Michelle Paz Soldan


Location: Chandler, AZ, United States
Phone: (602) 697-9704
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    It can be difficult finding the right person to assist you in creating the ceremony that you have imagined if you are not affiliated with a specific religious congregation. Rev. Michelle believes that every person deserves to have life’s important occasions marked with ceremony, regardless of church attendance or personal beliefs. Rev. Michelle has studied the major religious faiths, new age spiritualism and humanism, and is able to incorporate any traditions you want to include in your ceremony or assist you in creating your own new traditions. She also speaks Spanish and has performed many bilingual and Spanish only ceremonies.

    Rev. Michelle will work together with you to create a beautifully personalized ceremony that fulfills your needs and wishes for your significant life event. Her extensive experience in public speaking and working closely with clients ensures that your event will be personal and professional.

    Rev. Michelle is an Arizona native, married since 1992 to her best friend, Neil, and mother to two amazing daughters. She practiced law before becoming a stay-at-home mom. She attended seminary to continue her own spiritual growth and discovered a new way to be of service to others. She looks forward to working with you to create your perfect ceremony!

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