Rev. Mignon F. Grayson

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Location: New York, NY 10024, United States
Phone: 917-684-4233
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    Ordained Interfaith / Interspiritual Minister Initiated as a Priestess of Palo Mayombe tradition of Cuba and a devotee of the IFA/Orisha tradition of Nigeria, West Africa and the diaspora. Through her teachings from these indigenous traditions, she has come to understand the wisdom and healing power of Ancestral Connection and Reverence through ritual, song, rhythm and dance and utilizes that knowledge to help others tap into the collective wisdom of their ancestors. 

    Mignon is committed to the spiritual evolution of the masses. Through her workshops in spirituality and healing and her work as a spiritual life coach/consultant, she helps people find their most authentic spiritual path. This is furthered by her work as a facilitator of energetic healing circles. As the founder of Sacred Mysteries World Wide, her mission is to assist people on their spiritual journey and the discovery of their deeper soul calling. 

    Rev. Mignon, is also a sound healer. Trained musically as a professional singer, she decided to turn her passion for singing into an instrument of healing. 

    SKILLSET: Ministerial
    Service; Officiant
    of Religious Services & Ceremonies; Spiritual Life Transformational Consultant, Coach & Mentor; Sound Healer; Energetic Healing Circle Facilitator &  Drummer; Ritual Creation; Vocalist, Performer

    DREAM: To be part of a movement that awakens higher thought, spiritual connection and transformation through tapping into the creative wisdom that is innate in all of us.  This awakening will empower and support the individual to be an example of and catalyst for positive change in our communities and the world.


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