Rev Oriolla Mary Wedgeworth-Maakheru

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Location: New York, USA
Phone: 917-353-5735
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    My personal journey–since childhood– has been to learn about, experience and appreciate various religions and spiritual belief systems.  Having the spirit of an artist, I bring a unique and personal combination of creative and performing arts, knowledge of holistic health modalities (reiki, aroma and color therapy, as well as humor) to my ministry.  I create one of a kind crystal imbued, dyed and painted meditation pieces, for wearing or mounting on the wall.  Storytelling and song are tools/vehicles I have used for people of all ages (infancy to the elderly) to not only inspire, but transform and raise the vibration of the spirit.

    I was ordained at the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in 2006, and Board Certified as a Clinical Chaplain and Pastoral Counselor since 2015.  Having sat at the feet of, and around the fires with shamans, spiritualist, undergone rites of passage initiations; practiced meditation with my guru (along with the education I’ve received with other master teachers and mentors) I have developed my extrasensory skills.  When necessary and requested, as an added dimension to spiritual counseling, I can tap into subtle frequencies to communicate with and convey  messages from those who are beyond the physical plane of existence, perceive entities and imbalances in the energy field; and view past incarnations (in order to assist with the “here and now” spiritual issues of life.)  I always explain, this is not a parlor trick and is done for the highest good of a person–not simply curiosity or entertainment. 

    It is also my pleasure to facilitate workshops, healing circles, officiate ceremonies and services for various life’s occasions wherever, with and for whomever wishes to bring forth balance through peace, joy, love and light–our true purpose.



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