Rev. Patricia Withus


Location: 3004 West 4745 South, Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Phone: 801-918-6213
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    Creator/Divine brought us into this world carrying only Love, True
    unconditional Love. This is what we are all made of, and this never
    changes. It is years of false beliefs taught to us by others who cling
    to those same false beliefs that make us forget our True Identities.

    I am an Intuitive Empath, Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator,
    Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master. I have been leading people to
    self-discovery by guiding them to go beyond fear into Love. Using my
    ability as a Conscious Channel I provide my clientele
    with a deeply spiritual and profound journey into the depths of their
    own Soul offering the magnificent opportunity for transformation of
    consciousness and Self-Realization.


    Angelic Readings

    are one-on-one sessions that give you the opportunity to communicate
    directly with your Soul, your Angels, and your Guides. With my gift of
    Conscious Channeling and the help of Archangel Michael we can pinpoint
    exactly where in your life you may be having difficulty and what you can
    do to move forward through it. You will experience how to re-discover
    and open up your own heart space and explore the power of your own
    intuition and guidance as a tool to bring Love and joy into your life.

    The sessions are very personal and deeply profound, and bring forward
    any messages your Angels and Guides have for you. You are encouraged to
    ask questions related to any subject (relationships, finances, career,
    health, etc.). You will also find that your Soul, Angels and Guides will
    provide you with whatever information is necessary for you to have at
    that time.

    Deceased loved ones are often contacted and communicated with.
    Although many relatives and friends that have previously crossed over
    appear automatically, if you have a specific loved one you wish to
    communicate with I can connect you directly to them.

    Spiritual Mentor/Coach

    Coaching sessions help the client to a better understanding of the
    cause of their ‘fears’ and how it operates in their daily lives. The
    client is then taught specific techniques to use in order to transform
    the fear energy into creative and positive expression. This helps the
    client to move into a space of True Self and release the negative
    belief. Information received from their Angels and Guides
    is integrated into their daily life so that profound changes can be
    easily experienced in all areas.

    Each individual can expect to achieve a greater level of awareness,
    wholeness, and personal growth. As a result you will be able to resolve
    lifetimes of old patterns and issues that still block you today. Whether
    you are just beginning your journey or have been traveling it for
    lifetimes, this wisdom will accelerate your ability to expand
    emotionally, spiritually and physically.

    I am here for you as you learn to tap into your own Inner Guidance,
    allowing yourself to open your heart and mind to the joys of a balanced,
    harmonious and conscious life.

    Each session is specific only to the person Trish is working with at the time.

    Coaching sessions and Angelic Readings are generally one hour long,
    though we will work together to find a structure that suits your needs.
    They can be performed in person as well as over the telephone, and are
    recorded for future use by the client.

    Animal Communicating

    As an Animal Communicator, Trish connects on the deepest level with the animal, and then with the animal’s handler (or human).


    Connecting with the animal through psychic attunement allows for the following:

    – Understanding the animal’s needs, concerns and desires.

    – Recognize the behaviors associated with the different emotional states.

    – Resolve behavioral issues

    – Enhance instinctual natural behavior patterns

    – Allows for physical and emotional healing

    – Create unity between animal and human

    – Improve the wellbeing of the animal and human


    For horses specifically, internal communication provides a safe and
    effective way to identify any behavior issues that impede the horses
    training and connection with rider.


    It also offers a place for the horse and rider to join in unity without
    the use of a verbal language. This enhances the rider’s ability to
    recognize any behavioral or physical signs of fear coming from the
    horse. Even the tiniest change in the horse’s posture can be felt by the
    rider (physically and emotionally) allowing them to make the necessary
    corrections for the horse. It improves the rider’s understanding of why
    their horse is or isn’t behaving in a particular way.


    In essence, it creates a gentle, easy and effective communication between horseman and horse.

    Sessions include:

    – Initial introductory session with horse to determine base line posture

    – Expanded session with horse to clear and correct underlying issues

    – Initial introductory session with rider/handler

    – Expanded session with horse and rider/handler

    – If desired, in-depth session with rider/handler and horse to deepen the connection or unity even further.



    As a fully ordained Interfaith Minister, one’s of Trish’s other
    passion is to offer spiritual support for the most important rites of
    passage within our lives – Baby Blessing/Naming, Weddings, End-of-Life
    and other momentus occassions that call for reflection and celebration.
    As an Interfaith Minister Trish is well versed in all traditions as well
    as assisting you in creating a ceremony that suits your
    beliefs/spiritual needs.

    To check her availability for any of those services or for any
    further information please call Trish at (801) 918-6213 or email her at

    Mindful Living/Conscious Dying

    As a Hospice Chaplain, Trish has had the opportunity to
    companion those who are at end-of-life. Conscious dying is the process
    of utilizing the dying process as an opportunity to become more present
    and loving, an opportunity for profound healing, for spiritual
    awakening. Eastern traditions such as Hinduism and particularly
    Buddhism, as well as shamanic traditions, have explicit teachings that
    guide the dying to a conscious and graceful death.

    Mindful living, if practiced through our life, will bring us through a
    conscious death. However, most of us find that being present in the
    dying process is the only time we have to become conscious. Trish has
    walked with hundreds of people through their process – and even on the
    ‘other side’ with them – as they are transitioning. As a guide she is
    able to companion them through fears, doubts and uncertainty allowing
    for a peaceful, profound and conscious death. She believes strongly that
    it is our birthright to have a peaceful and dignified death experience.


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