Rev. Richard Miner


Location: New York, NY 10023, United States
Phone: (917) 626-9320
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    As an Interspiritual Minister I believe that all faith based
    traditions have something wonderful to offer, beautiful traditions and joyful
    customs.  I specialize in creating individual ceremonies and rituals, and
    I can assist you with any, or all, of your spiritual needs.

    Have you ever dreamed of a special day that was truly a one of
    kind event?   Do you have an upcoming celebration that you would like to
    make something absolutely unique and memorable?  I can work with you to
    create something very special, whether you are considering a large public
    event, or small private affair.

    Are you hoping for something elegant and formal, or maybe
    something festive and playful?  If you would like a small intimate
    wedding, or a large and extravagant home blessing, I would be happy to work
    with you to create the ceremony of your dreams.  If, on the other hand,
    you would prefer something more traditional, I am also able to perform time
    honored classic ceremonies as well.

    Would you like to have an event that incorporates elements from
    more than one tradition?  I will be more than happy to combine customs,
    and faiths, to create celebrations that reflect your unique vision, and
    personal perspective.

    Please contact me if you have any questions or ideas.  It
    would be wonderful to hear from you, and to talk about all the wonderful

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