Rev. Sarah Bowen


Location: Rhinebeck, NY 12572, USA
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    Tall or short. Old or young. Gay, straight, or something in between. Any shade of skin, any definition of gender. I welcome and affirm every one of you as a member of this awesome creation we are part of.
    As a modern reverend, my goal is to help you connect with the higher power of your own understanding, by whatever name you call he, she, or it. It’s what you believe that is important. So, I’m here to honor that connection, rather than to tell you what you are “supposed to” believe. 
    Learn more about me and the services I offer at:
    I’m interested in helping you along your own spiritual journey, not picking the road for you. I’m not here to put up road blocks, I’m here to fuel your creativity:
    BLESSINGS: Bring good karma and blessings to your new home, job, life stage, motorcycle, boat.. you name it, we can imbue it with rich spirit and meaning. 
    BABY BLESSINGS: Start the little one off with a loving ritual in your own personal style, whether intimate or in a joyous heap of friends & family. I can help you create a custom event that honors your own specific spiritual beliefs.
    WEDDINGS: The sky is the limit these days with wedding options. Bring your messy stack of stickie notes or your well organized binder and let’s start crafting a wedding that fits you and your partner like a glove. 
    FUNERALS: Whether you have specific requests left to you by a loved one, or you need to start from scratch, I can work with you and your funeral home, church, or event hall to deliver the funeral you envision.
    MEMORIAL SERVICES: Whether your style is somber or a little more Captain Fantastic than most, I can help you honor your loved one through a memorial service that is both meaningful and comforting for you.
    SPIRITUAL SUPPORT: Trying to connect with your Higher Power? Dealing with grief, a loss, or a stressful situation? Spiritual support sessions may just be what you need to strengthen your connection.
    Of special interest to me is the animal-human spiritual bond, and how to help expand many religions’ view of the role of animals. I’m passionate about the new field of Animal Chaplaincy, especially in helping people recover from the grief of pet loss. Having myself lost 3 cats within 6 months, I personally understand the pain of this very special kind of loss, and am interested in helping others through it.
    ANIMAL ADVOCACY: I work passionately to advocate for animal rights–whether they are in your home, in the rain forest, in the bush, or in our oceans. Want to get involved? Let’s chat!
    PET BLESSINGS: Bringing a new “fur kid” into the family? Consider a naming ceremony or special blessing to seal the deal.
    ADOPTION SUPPORT: Introducing a new pet to a family can sometimes be a little stressful. Help smooth the entry with a special ritual to help your children bond with your new pet… and understand the responsibilities that come along with it.
    COMPANION FOR PET PASSINGS: Preparing to say goodbye can be hard. I can be present with you at the passing of your pet to help provide support or to offer special words or prayers.
    MEMORIAL SERVICES: Honor your pet’s special place in your life with a memorial service or home ritual created with your personal spiritual beliefs in mind.
    PET LOSS & BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT: Grief is hard. Grief recovery support can help you put one foot in front of the other to meet your life’s needs, while encouraging the compassionate self-care you need during this difficult time. 
    The spiritual journey can be a long and winding road, filled with extraordinary moments that seem to need a spiritual punctuation mark. 
    So contact me, let’s chat to sort out the details, and hopefully we will be a match.
    I look forward to meeting you.


    Serving New York City and the Hudson Valley (Westchester, Putnam, & Dutchess counties) including: Rhinebeck, Red Hook, Kingston, Hudson, Poughkeepsie, Albany, Woodstock, Saugerties, and so on. Other locations possible upon request.

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