Rev. Valerie Konstantino


Location: Freeport, ME, United States
Phone: 207-233-0012
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     Rev. Valerie is an ordained Interfaith/ Interspiritual minister and celebrant! 

     Educated and ordained with One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NYC, Rev. Valerie joyfully offers: ~Weddings w/pre-marital reflection and discussion, Baby Blessings and namings, Sacred Rites of Passage, land, home and workplace blessings.

    ~Particularly for the interfaith, “unchurched” or non-religious but spiritually engaged.~

    A ritual or ceremony defines a threshold; a new beginning and a way to mark a transition or passage. 

    I am honored to offer this celebration.



    “What if our religion was each other

    If our practice was our life

    If prayer, our words.

    What if the temple was the earth

    If forests were our church      

    If holy water — the rivers, lakes and ocean.

    What if meditation was our relationships

    If the Teacher was life

    If wisdom was self-knowledge

    If love was the center of our being?”

     Ganga White



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